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Estate Planning

One of the most important financial decisions you can make is what to do with your estate. If you have heirs and other loved ones you want to take care of, it is crucial to ensure that your estate has been properly structured so it is disbursed correctly and legally when the time comes with the least amount of taxes. At Griggers Wealth Management, we consult with legal experts should you need a power of attorney, last will and testament, living will, or other legal estate document. Our primary concern is that your estate is planned exactly the way you want it.

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No matter your life stage, you can benefit from estate planning. This service is often viewed as something that is only for older clients or clients with considerable wealth. While estate planning can certainly benefit these types of clients, it can be useful for anyone with any level of assets. There are a multitude of reasons why it is never too early to consider crafting an estate plan or creating a last will and testament.

  • It can help you avoid ugly family fights – It’s not uncommon for the surviving family members to bicker and argue over the money, property, or any other key assets that are left by the deceased. An estate plan that legally directs these assets to intended heirs can save your family from a great deal of strife.
  • It can protect your kids and their futures – If you have children who are underage, an estate plan is the best way to ensure that they’re provided for and their future is not left up to the court. It can structure what they receive in a proper way and, most importantly, it can declare guardians in case the worst happens and both parents die.
  • It can protect your heirs from unnecessary taxes – Without a proper estate plan, the assets your heirs receive from you are at risk for high estate taxes. At Griggers Wealth Management, we can help you create tax efficiency through tax reduction strategies. It’s important to protect what you’ve worked so hard to build so your loved ones are taken care of.

These are just a few of the many reasons why estate planning can be helpful for just about anyone at any stage of life. We can help you craft an estate plan that avoids unnecessary taxes, protects your heirs, and ensures that your intentions are followed through.

Why Choose GWM for Your Estate Planning?

With such an important financial task at hand, you need an advisor you can trust. At Griggers Wealth Management, you will be treated like family from day one. We are available to meet with you face to face whenever you need – you’re not just a number or a dollar sign to us. Our ultimate goal is to help you, and we strive every day to do what is best for you and your finances.