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Wealth Management Programs

At Griggers Wealth Management, we take a holistic approach to wealth and financial management. There is no “one size fits all” method or strategy that can be applied to everyone. We put a great deal of consideration into getting to know you and learning exactly what your financial goals and dreams are. Once we understand these, we can help you develop a plan that works for you. Our team has multiple tools we utilize to ensure that we give our clients the best advice available.

With this risk-analysis software, we are able to determine the amount of risk you’re willing to take, the amount you need to take to achieve your specific financial goals, as well as the amount you currently have in your portfolio. With your risk number determined, we can set expectations for what is normal for your portfolio. This program allows us to create a realistic portfolio that matches your financial goals and helps you reach them.

Our Financial Planning Tool

MoneyGuidePro® raises the bar, making quality financial plans possible.

The biggest questions investors face in pursuit of their investment goals are whether or not they are saving enough, if their money is allocated correctly, and if not, what they can do. To gain clarity around these questions, we utilize the goal-based financial planning tool, MoneyGuidePro®.

MoneyGuidePro® is a formal analysis tool to assess your financial situation. The interview-style questions take the emotion out of difficult, but critical topics of discussion such as life insurance and survivor needs so we can accurately and realistically assess your financial situation. MoneyGuidePro® is a goal-based application, helping you understand how your current portfolio compares to your stated goals.

At the completion of your report, you will be given access to your own Planning Portal where you are able to monitor your individual financial plan goals.  Contact our office for an appointment to begin creating your quality financial plan.

AccountView & AccountView 2.0

This secure online portal allows you to access your account, view your statements, and gain insight into your portfolios, positions, and transactions. You also have the option to go paperless to receive statements faster with email notifications. All of this is available on your schedule and at your fingertips with secure, convenient, anytime, anywhere online access from any device!


Have a busy schedule? We understand and have the technology in place to help you sign documents using any device with encrypted security, a complete audit trail, and instant signatures with no mailing, no faxing, and no waiting.

Morningstar & AdvisoryWorld

Both of these wonderful tools help us to analyze current portfolios and to build custom portfolios tailored to client goals and needs. These tools bring recommendations to life with easy-to-understand visuals, real analysis, portfolio breakdowns, and hypothetical illustrations based on past performance. Morningstar brings its rating system into the mix, helping clients and prospects to understand how funds compare against peers. AdvisoryWorld brings its risk score to highlight the both current and recommended portfolio risk.